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Interview in Chrom-Art

I recently had the opportunity to participate at the TRIBE#15 Art Festival in London.

There I projected this video-mapping
“Explorers” videomapping

Chrom-Art co-founder, Javier Melian,  organiser of the event, asked me a few questions.

It’s a very good read to know more about my art.

Better than the Real Thing – Meet David Moraton
03 Sep Artist · Interviews · Chrom-Art · TRIBE15 · 3D
By Javier Melian – co-founder

David Moraton is the video artist of the moment. He is currently focused on three-dimensional videos that are a faithful reflect of Contemporary Classical Music. David has a perceptual condition called synaesthesia. This means that when he hears sounds he gets to see involuntarily colours in his mind. So in his practice David projects this very personal chromatic experience of music and sound, as well as his philosophical vision of Nature.

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