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Lumen Prize Gala


Yesterday September 24th I had the pleasure to give the talk “Synaesthesia and Digital Art” at the Frontline Club, in the 2015 Winners’ Gala. It’s very rewarding to know that people enjoyed it and I could finally tell my story in a wonderful environment and event. I had the chance to meet many film makers, curators, artists, people really fascinated and passionate about art.
The Gala was really interesting, with so many talented artists contributing to the excellence in digital world of art.
Also interesting talks about copyright and how to sell digital work.

My most sincere congratulations to the winners.
I am impressed of how wide, sensorial, social, flexible and interactive artworks are becoming.
I feel very happy for being short-listed and belong to the top 25 that will be part of the Global Tour Exhibition in Shangai, New York, London and Wales. I have the feeling many good things will ramify from this.




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