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About video “Ramifications”

The Locus of the Essence

Here, in this artwork the locus of the essence finds its material manifestation as a constitute part of a bigger configuration. Its power is strengthened by the marvelous choice of musical background and the stunning dramatic fractals.
The whole production is illuminating for it shows basic principles, mathematical axioms, prime drives that underlie the human knowledge pyramid and mode of existence.
The ramifying tree-like object could represent the evolvement of an idea, a scientific theory, or the world of ideas as a whole (different scientific branches, as well as ‘waves’ of thinking based on associations, are ramifying in a similar way).
Furthermore, the image of the hermaphroditic ‘tree’ could stand for any material structure, or organism encoded to grow, ramify, and fit into a bigger system – a more complex configuration- thus, to perform the transition from the micro level to the macro one. That universal movement runs smoothly and dynamically, at a steadfast and dramatic pace! Each and every constituent achieves the end of composing and sustaining the order of the entire system.
In a more philosophical sense, the artwork in question, strives for spiritual wholeness and mental complexity that positively excludes polarization, separation, and randomness.
The body of the spirit or the spirit of the body is in static motion, where all the causes and consequences of the world, all the inner correlations of experiences, together with the thoughts that drive actions, are interrelated and inseparable.
The locus of the essence flows, ramifies, expands, and adjusts into a strict and predetermined order, which emerges somewhere in time, and disappears into nothingness.

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