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“Avia Pictura”

Avia Pictura # 1 from David Moraton on Vimeo.

The “Avia Pictura” series is what I am doing lately, both sounds of birds and myself painting together, on real time.

About the “Avia Pictura” Series

2019 and 2020 clearly sets a return to the oil painting media that forged David Moraton as an artist, but empowered by all the creative advantages of digital technology he has been mastering through the past years. A clear representation of this is the ‘Avia Pictura’ series. While in his previous digital works long render times were needed to obtain a finished frame, for these new works the artist wanted an immediate visual feedback. That’s why for the last 4 years he has been deepening into coding in real time graphics to build his own oil painting simulator: a tool that converts instantaneously digital pen movements and sound waves into painting strokes, with physically correct colour mixing.

The sounds of “Avia Pictura” are recordings of ‘Tui’ birds from New Zealand, who truly become co-performers of the creative process, blending their colours with the ones Moraton has applied, with a sometimes destructive interaction, sometimes collaborative. Clearly continuing the synaesthetic path initiated by “Visus Sonitus I” (a visualisation of Rautavaara’s Birds Concert for Birds and Orchestra, shortlisted in Lumen Prize 2015), this video sets though a different declaration of intention: it’s the immediacy and the performative process what he is interested in, how I react to his sensorial environment and how the environment influences the evolution of the work.

Being done in one take, with no cuts, edits or re-times, “Avia Pictura” videos are ultimately a very personal reflection, a work that embraces the process over the final result, with the meditative state and the ‘real time’ life connection that comes from it”

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