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“Drawing Music”. Lecture at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, London. Steam Symposium. The Big Draw

Drawing Music from David Moraton on Vimeo.

Some live footage of the presentation

In 2016 I was invited to participate in the Big Draw Steam Symposium to make a presentation about the role that drawing played in my art practice. At the time I was in New Zealand, so I had to make a video presentation that was projected in the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, London. I think it’s a very good summary of the essence of my latest synaesthetic videos so that’s why I have decided to post it.

Drawing has a vital role in my art. It defines the core structure and compositional rhythm of my works. And, by drawing digitally, I can drive the visual motion of the sounds and organic evolution of my synaesthetic videos. It’s the most immediate bridge between my soul and my art.

In the task of visualising music, drawing is an essential part of my artistic process. I sketch first in pencil the flow of notes over time, or draw three-dimensional branches to build environments for the music. In my latest works, I literally create music color on real time by drawing on a virtual sky.

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