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A mid gray color surrounded by black.
Same mid gray color, surrounded by white.

The mid gray color is the same in both cases, but looks brighter surrounded by black.
Yet it’s all a perception, an illusion.
We believe the illusion that we arr different, we feel different, depending on our life situation.

But the truth is, we  remain in essence exactly the same.
We are not defined by the external, neither in space, nor in time.

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Good good, very good!

Tschuang-Tse was a very rare apparition, a unique mystic in history of humankind. He brought, developed and spread Lao-Tse’s ideas throughout China. But in the dorf where he spent his last years, he was considered by many people a crazy old man.
Maybe this was because when someone spoke to him, he just answered, even before the other ended his sentence, “good good very good”.That’s why the situation was sometimes very embarrasing, as he didn’t hear at all even if someone was tellin Continue reading Good good, very good!

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Finally I finished ‘Satori’, video and photographs exposed until end of December at the Center of Visitors in La Gomera. In the press section there are some articles about the exhibition and the I Biennial of Architecture, Art and Landscape of the Canary Islands where it’s integered.

‘Satori’ is a Japanese word that literally means ‘to understand’, and it’s used in the scope of the Zen and the Tantra to denominate a special moment of ‘illumination’ of the conscience. It is arrived through an intimate meditative process of communion with the world, without mediation of the thought. This way, an expansive movement begins that extends througout the borders of the ego, to get to experience a cathartic, oceanic feeling, of union with the Universe.

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I’d like to show my list of colours for vowels and letters, which I have always seen withouth will or effort, by thinking or writing them.
A: gray white, B: orange yellow, C: dark grey with violet hue, D: light grey with blue hue, E: middle green, F: dark violet blue, G: light blue, H: very clear grey, I: pure yellow, J: clear red, K: dark violet, L: light yellow, M: ultramarine blue, N: sky blue, O: brilliant white, P: marfil white, Q: grey white, R: red brown, S: golden yellow, T: wood-red, U: orange, V: yellow orange, W: intense orange, X: dark grey, Y: golden oker, Z: difused white, 1: clear grey, 2: yellow, 3: brown-red, 4: light yellow, 5: dark violet blue, 6: light blue grey, 7: red-wood, 8: dark brown, 9: orange, 0: brilliant white

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