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Good good, very good!

Tschuang-Tse was a very rare apparition, a unique mystic in history of humankind. He brought, developed and spread Lao-Tse’s ideas throughout China. But in the dorf where he spent his last years, he was considered by many people a crazy old man.
Maybe this was because when someone spoke to him, he just answered, even before the other ended his sentence, “good good very good”.That’s why the situation was sometimes very embarrasing, as he didn’t hear at all even if someone was telling him about some terrible happening. He just said “Good good very good”.
Someone told him “My wife has dead”, and Tschuang-Tse answered: “Good, very good”, as if he wouldn’t have heard a word.
Someone told him “I’ve been stolen!” and Tschuang-Tse answered: “Good, good, very good”.
One day, he was told: “Your son has fallen from a tree, and his legs are terribly broken!” But he just answered: “Good, good, very good”
People thought indeed, that  he was crazy, or that he didn’t understand the meaning of the word “good” at all.
This became the most important topic in town, so that day the whole dorf joined to ask him: “Could you please tell us, what do you understand about “good”? We have told you all kind of awful stories, we have talked you about deaths and accidents, and you have only said “Good good very good”. Today in the morning your own son has fallen from a tree, and has broken his legs. He was your help, your only help. Since now he had always helped you and you must help him now. That is at your age a very bad luck, but you say “Good, good”??”
Tschuang-Tse said: “Wait. Life is a complex system…”
Next day there was a war declared to the neighbour land, and every young man in town was reclued to participate in the war. Just Tschuang-Tse’s son could stay, as his legs were broken. So, people said: “It seems you could see the future! You said “Good, good very good” and it was really a good thing!”.
But Tschaung-Tse just said: “Wait. No hurry. Life is complex, and more things will happen”
His son had a bride, but next  day, her parents didn’t allow her to marry him, because there was no hope that his son could ever walk again, as his legs were very damaged. So people said now: “Then it was really something bad that he broke his legs!”
Tschuang-Tse said: “Wait. No hurry. Life has a lot of patiente”
After one week, this woman who could have been married Tschuang-Tse’s son, if her parents would have it allowed, died from a contagious decease, so his son would have probably died too if he was close tow her. And again people in dorf came, amazed, and told him: “How can you do this?? Your vision is so wide. Have you predicted this?”
But Tschuang-Tse just answered: “Wait, wait”
Tschuang-Tse had shown them, that everything is good, when we don’t have expectations.
And also, that life is amazingly big, just our patiente is small.

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